Compare Atwood Lobster to your Wholesale supplier:

No middlemen to deal with. We ship direct from the fishermen to your place of business, on time, every time.

We have a live holding system in excess of 260,000 pounds, assuring you of a constant source of supply all year long.

We are able to pack and ship over 50,000 pounds of live lobster daily for your promotions and festivals. Ask the people who put on the largest Lobster Festivals in the world why they buy from Atwood each year; both the Port of Los Angles Lobster Festival and the Maine Lobster Festival continue to buy Atwood Lobsters year after year.

We will ship direct to your location on our own trucks or to anyone of the major airports worldwide all hassle free to you.

Our Lobster menu includes Live Lobster, Frozen Lobster Meat and Frozen Lobster Tails.

Learn more about the The Atwood Lobster Company, about Maine Lobster and about Lobster Harvesting.

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Sales Department:
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Minimum Order: 200 lbs